Gospel-centered baby books for littles who love their Savior. 

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    We create beautiful gospel-centered baby books to help you on your way to raising your littles to love their savior.


    Evensong was born out of a desire to bring up my children in a gospel-centered home. I searched high and low for high-quality Bible-based children's books. Take it from someone who knows: there's not a lot out there. Many Christian children's books on the market today focus solely on Bible "stories" but leave out the story of the Gospel. Those that do offer an in-depth picture of Jesus' death and resurrection aren't developmentally appropriate for the littlest of God's children or fail to hold my daughter's attention. Many gloss over the true message of the gospel with overly-simplistic messages or fail to actually engage and instruct small children on how to live a life of active faith. I set out to create books based on our favorite songs and prayers so that my daughter could have a reminder of her Savior's love daily at her fingertips. 

    Our name is based off of the early Christian church's name for vespers, or evening worship. Many parents spend time reading with their children before bed. At Evensong Baby Books we hope to bring worship-- whether loud and boisterous or quiet and reflective-- to your child's bedtime routine.

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    I'm Hannah.  Mama to two under two, Aria Grace and Elanor Melody.  I drink a lot of coffee.  I wear a lot of babies.  I turn up the hymns and regularly leave the laundry for tomorrow (or the next day).  I spend my days tromping through the forest, purusing the aisles of every thrift store in town, soaking up baby cuddles, and, if I'm lucky, creating some beautiful baby books during naptime.  God has given me the privilidge and responsibility to care for these tiny humans He's given me, and I am blessed to be able to raise them to know Jesus and love and serve others in His name. 


    For me, Evensong is an outlet, a stress reliever, and also, hopefully, a way to bring Jesus into the homes and hearts of other families.  I live to love and love to serve.  I pray that our paths cross and I can serve you and your family through this humble little adventure of mine.  


    I met my husband, Jared, at summer camp.  Many of the songs that show up in my baby books are from our time counseling and leading programs together there and are still a part of our daily worship and praise with our little ones.  I pray that these little books can stick with you and your little ones and become a part of who you are in Christ.  





    (in the Christian Church) a service of evening prayers, psalms, and canticles, conducted according to a set form, especially that of the Anglican Church.  Also, a song sung in the evening.

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    Adding worship to your baby's bedtime routine


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